Bauercrest Foundation

Camp Bauercrest Foundation, Inc. was founded to promote youth sports, health, education, and well-being by supporting Camp Bauercrest, a nonprofit traditional camp for Jewish boys. Camp Bauercrest is located in Amesbury, Massachusetts.

Camp Bauercrest, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public charity, was founded in 1931. Today it operates an overnight sports and team building camp on the shores of Lake Attitash in Amesbury, Massachusetts. Campers participate in land sports, water sports, field trips, educational and elective activities over a period that ranges from 14 days to 7 weeks, depending upon the session chosen by the camper. Special activities include academic and religious tutoring.

Camp Bauercrest’s mission is to develop and strengthen campers on and off the field through sportsmanship, teamwork, achievement, and responsibility. Camp Bauercrest promotes activities that stretch campers’ physical and creative abilities while providing positive role models with its trained counselor staff. It believes that children grow best in a secure and safe environment where, within boundaries, they can practice making choices and taking risks, while being supported and guided by caring staff.

CBF’s mission is to ensure the financial health and longevity of Camp Bauercrest.

Our Charitable Activities

1. Grants to Camp Bauercrest. To accomplish its mission, CBF will provide direct financial support in the form of grants to Camp Bauercrest for scholarships to needy camper families or those affected by tragedies or natural disasters, capital improvement projects, educational programs and other specifically identified projects. CBF anticipates that these programs listed will account for approximately 75% of its charitable activities.

2. Direct Charitable Activities. CBF may undertake direct charitable activities to improve Camp Bauercrest and to maintain the facilities, ensure safe and healthy conditions for Camp Bauercrest campers, or to build new or improve existing buildings or facilities owned or used by Camp Bauercrest in the camp programs. CBF anticipates that this program will account for approximately 20% of its charitable activities.

3. Other Charitable Activities. These will include making direct payments on Camp Bauercrest’s behalf to cover costs or to support the interests of Camp Bauercrest. CBF anticipates that this program will account for approximately 5% of its charitable activities.